Shad & DJ T​.​Lo - Knock

from by Shad & DJ T.LO

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After hitting the road promoting Shad's latest, Flying Colours, longtime touring partners, Shad and DJ T.Lo, hooked up to complete 'Boarding Pass.' The 5 song EP features seasoned Producer and Turntablist DJ T.Lo handling all duties on the boards with Shad exclusively on the mic. Together the pair expresses their shared passion for the music; flexing the skills they've been enthusiastically developing over nearly a decade of work together.

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when opportunity knocked
i had to stand up and come forward
and run towards it
from jump i didn't want more than
just to make it thru that front door without frontin
just one tour, maybe one more
then suddenly
the next opportunity knocked and said open up
one show
if you're dope enough theyll know whats up
and sm1 in the front row will notice ya and go home
and download some stuff and then show it to
the next opportunity
soon you might have a platform
fans to rap for, stamps in your passport,
some bank - some backboard
amped up - patch cord - im plugged in
eyes focused on that door
the opportunity to give smthg, see it clear
you need to be aware
to seize it, to see it's there
it might not reappear
no need to fear, just one thing you need to hear
that knock
now let it drop…

i still hear that knock in my dreams (X3)
that's why theres no stopping my dreams

sundays i read the times on my iphone
then sit down and read the times with my eyes closed
… i feel the winds chillin my bones
change is in the air and it's blown like cyclones
see i was raised in the where jay said
if you wanna feed the poor, you gotta make bread
… we forgot how to break bread
and give thanks and never give up givin - we'll stay fed
now that that day's dead, it's all team biz
we need kings that serve and queens to lead this
less tuition more each one teaches
chuuuch - less preachers more jesus
trust i hear justice at the door knockin
saying the ppl need more options
and i don't mean more coke cans or more soap brands
cuz more often than not
the word "choice" just means more shopping
and less for the boys on the floor stockin
we got a lot less voice tho theres more talking
the door's open on that lie now, we see through it
eyes closed - i read the times and i see music
it's time for regrouping
for less ppl trying to be somebody, more ppl trying to be human
before i leave the room im trying to keep doing
keep the door open so we can move in
let's go…

i still hear that knock in my dreams (X3)
that's why theres no stopping my dreams


from Boarding Pass EP, track released November 25, 2014




Shad Vancouver, British Columbia

Shad is a Juno Award winning rapper and 3-time Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominee from London, Ontario. His 4 full-length albums have been recognized for their sharp lyrics and soulful arrangements.

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