Boarding Pass EP

by Shad & DJ T.LO

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LYRICS: rap genius - heads sayin he should blow (he should tho) rap genius - got good quotes and footnotes look - who else spittin the most urgent most soul-searchin perfectly dope verses and no curses ask any analyst, journalist, panelist whos canada's unimanimous circa 98 canibus ambulance vans when my jams spin - it's calamitous sendin bands into banishment dammit i need no laminate - yall know the name im the rap game villain shad k. back stage in the bat cave chillin bumpin bad brains with a bad dame wheelin in the fast lane rugrat still these cats cant kill him kids talkin bout, "i just need a co-sign - one break!" all i need's a drum break and one take im unsafe - yall soft as sunday brunch dates with bundt cake got crowds jumpin like i just done a pump fake man this is just 1/8th - just a morsel i got more flows yall just mortals, even moreso this is morse code from the north pole to warn folks: the storm crow's comin thru your war zone lords knows i was born dope goin back like corn rows i amaze (i am maize) like corn rows pure jokes still i can rage like hormones im a oracle, im next level: warp zone the forbes shows what they net but im more gross - sick as a sore throat the kid isnt normal hard core flows but he spit with a warm tone the whip isnt much but his chick is a norah jones im eatin all yall food by the fork load golden arches or ol girl with the orange fro no actually i'll have your pork roast and orzo make a short toast then pop the cork off the bordeaux i could hold court with the foremost i could tour coasts or teach a course load at the sorbonne forget 4 bars - every quarter note's historical when i perform poems im a force, im a horror show man im in my z---, im in your zone im on your porch, in your home takin everything like it foreclosed just me and t stakin claims, takin names i guess some things stay the same still the champ
LYRICS: [Intro] (I'm loving this generation) [Hook] (Y'all cats know we always play to win) Said I'm always winning (Y'all cats know we always play to win) [Verse 1] Feel me, grown man Back off the road and in my own home, watching Homeland And romancing with a mean girl, Lohan Trying to deprogram, Detox, lace the Reeboks Set a screen pop then shoot a three off Then green out with deep thoughts, watching NBC Peacock Grizz, we stop not, till we EGOT Quote Jack Donaghy, pro Black Donnely Punk Pope Francis with a dope rap homily, yo I read some Facebook posts and I open TextEdit Cause I don't blog or Twitter, yaa, I get-get it And I kinda get Reddit but I don't really get credit Not like respect, like actually, I don't really get credit I don't got a credit card, good, no debts yet At times I go to pay and they say "Yo, we don't accept debit" Don't accept cash? Well, you make us have to get in debt It makes me wanna talk Illuminati on my next record Also rappings who go "I don't really get credit" I don't know, I'm pretty sure I'm the best at it Couple get close when they grind like Next You know, baby when we're grinding, that's "Too Close" by Next Check it, Shad's on that silly swag Jeans got that T-Boz and chilly sag Seven minute epic rap Iliads Young black genius, some cats really mad Even political when I boast now I Billy Bragg So from punk rockers to gun cockers from dumb jocks to Young doctors are all saying that I come proper Like "I knew he had lyrics, but that was a fun concert" Haters can hate, I'm unbothered, the bottom line is I'm always winning [Hook] [Verse 2] I said I'm always winning Kind of rhymes that got the mommies grinning Army print and vintage Tommy in my laundry spinning Speaking of mommies, lot of people call me Pops Because I'm always watching kids, trying to get it popping With a couple little poppy hits and they might pop a bit But look who's popping Cris in the post season, Popovich Champagne Papi, but I started from the opposite of bottom Still on top of it, my dominance is Duncan-esque The rest is overhyped, these punks is under prepped And soft as One Direction while I'm sharp enough to puncture flesh One punch should get you stumbling like a drunken mess Lungs compress, stuck in a stretcher until they run some test Uncontestable, born to rest, sun is blessed So I'mma bring the pressure, I'm even better in sudden death Forever unimpressed, I'm clever, no wonder heads Pirate this like discovering treasure in the sunken chest Motherfunking fresh, the sound of thunder over rumbling jet Coming from the west where the sun gets set Not a Brit, but still a London rep Like I'm double deck busses, watch me bust this like a hundred tecs IQ measure by one question, who wanna mess With brother S.K.? Say yes, and you the dumbest yet Humble vet, still running with anyone that steps 'Til every tongue confesses that your boy belong among the best Always winning [Hook]
so you know dudes complain about distribution the game them radio station's looping the same stupidness ... but maybe they aint playin too much music on much music cuz there aint much music out here with much to it… when the music's plays we aint saying too much through it we just add to the ads we just do it then get mad when they don't add us… now they love louis ck and david chapelle 'cause the truth is comedians speaking more truth than we in music like we traded mediums now we the ones that act foolish... plus we need to laugh cuz peep the stats see the facts that murder in ferguson aint even half so we either laugh or we crying and if thats then we dying so we quiet now aint a lot of rappers really trying we goin out without as much as a sound rest in peace much music rest in peace mike brown this is right now/ … my man said he cant pipe down they putting pipelines right through the grounds in my town im waking up too with too much music to write down thats what we fight now we fight pride and fight doubt/ lights out …. i tell em listen this system takin' my hope away thats like me not comin up with smthg dope to say it only motivates im so awake im dreaming of teaming up more mentors and proteges to go and play on this field shoulder-to-shoulder blade steel-like composure flow's real/reel like a roll of tape how the young boy make it feel like the golden age but still so forward - this warrior's like golden state overstanding like golden gate these gold bars - worth more than some gold record or golden chain take that momentum, don't let it go to waste feel the faith growin everyday stay strong, hang on... and one time for my heroes on the frontlines saving young lives on the daily still driven hyundais up at sunrise see the sunshine and when you come undone try to just hang on a hot minute hang on im not finished stop, listen the old prince story the plot thickens hang on i saw a vision then lost then caught a glimpse again saw it off in the distance im walkin out on a mission the picture is always slipping this talking is how i hang on hands on keep grippin to it and stand strong put that resistance, that commitment in a dance song for all the children that the banks didn't bank on for all the sistren thats sick of no understanding played slow pitch but wont hit if they underhanded once abandoned but know what a loving man is and that trust aint too much to demand from a companion. hang on im russell brand entwined with hustle man im from london, from the motherland, from another planet from the underground rubble ive risen up from atlantis now im spitting for the humble in the struggle hang on.
LYRICS me and t back at it leavin mics broke playin thru the feedback static write dope for the weed rap addicts like smoke girls breath bad - make they whole team asthmatic (*gasp* i cant breathe!) when they see shad - gaspin dashin, too fly i swear i should wear a ski mask rappin for em front row at my knee caps grabbin ungh - now u got me back braggin like we need that swag ok - i dont really like to t's in the aisle seat tryna get a sprite from the flight crew meanwhile im workin on my night snooze red-eye, my dudes steppin in flights like some nike shoes on a different runway: red-dye nice suit cuz t got them neck-tie tight loops it's indecent how i adress for the spring season so fresh go get it on your itunes and thats how we take flight the glory days who wouldve thought forming at laurier would correlate to tourin in 6 countries and 40 states early mornings on board after performin late in a foreign place im still feelin the warm embrace still got more to say still clever with rhymes never declinin still gettin better with time - i would say like wine but i never been whinin like nevermind the weather, im shinnin with the divine when we get in alignment check the devilish smile irreverent reverend, rebellious- minded saint in the flesh thats a blessing disguised i can get it whenever, forever as diamonds thats coal under-pressure, been a treasure to find this flow, this soul, this heaven inside this poet's goal is gettin ya high im fly as seven wings on another level than sky and thats... thats how we take flight
lyrics. when opportunity knocked i had to stand up and come forward and run towards it from jump i didn't want more than just to make it thru that front door without frontin just one tour, maybe one more then suddenly the next opportunity knocked and said open up one show if you're dope enough theyll know whats up and sm1 in the front row will notice ya and go home and download some stuff and then show it to the next opportunity soon you might have a platform fans to rap for, stamps in your passport, some bank - some backboard amped up - patch cord - im plugged in eyes focused on that door the opportunity to give smthg, see it clear you need to be aware to seize it, to see it's there it might not reappear no need to fear, just one thing you need to hear that knock now let it drop… i still hear that knock in my dreams (X3) that's why theres no stopping my dreams sundays i read the times on my iphone then sit down and read the times with my eyes closed … i feel the winds chillin my bones change is in the air and it's blown like cyclones see i was raised in the where jay said if you wanna feed the poor, you gotta make bread … we forgot how to break bread and give thanks and never give up givin - we'll stay fed now that that day's dead, it's all team biz we need kings that serve and queens to lead this less tuition more each one teaches chuuuch - less preachers more jesus trust i hear justice at the door knockin saying the ppl need more options and i don't mean more coke cans or more soap brands cuz more often than not the word "choice" just means more shopping and less for the boys on the floor stockin we got a lot less voice tho theres more talking the door's open on that lie now, we see through it eyes closed - i read the times and i see music it's time for regrouping for less ppl trying to be somebody, more ppl trying to be human before i leave the room im trying to keep doing keep the door open so we can move in let's go… i still hear that knock in my dreams (X3) that's why theres no stopping my dreams


released December 1, 2014




Shad Vancouver, British Columbia

Shad is a Juno Award winning rapper and 3-time Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominee from London, Ontario. His 4 full-length albums have been recognized for their sharp lyrics and soulful arrangements.

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