melancholy and the infinite shadness

by Shad

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melancholy and the infinite shadness

1. a milli vanilli
2. out here (cannonball)
3. it aint over.
4. old Prince
5. new Don
outtake: buffer slow


released July 18, 2012


All tracks produced by: DJ T LO, HajahBug, and Shad
Cuts by: DJ T LO
Recorded and mixed by: Elijah Walsh
Recorded at: The Dreamhouse Studio
Mixed at: Big World Studios
Samples: Milli Vanilli, The Breeders, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, PM Dawn




Black Box Music (
Decon Records (


Artwork: V (




all rights reserved


Shad Vancouver, British Columbia

Shad is a Juno Award winning rapper and 3-time Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominee from London, Ontario. His 4 full-length albums have been recognized for their sharp lyrics and soulful arrangements.

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Track Name: a milli vanilli


young men on the street with a tek drawn
unless its on yonge street it gets slept on
for all the already lost and the next gone gotta do my best
this a fresh new next jawn kids play this on the block
like its hopscotch men that got gwop
play it in they drop top and turn this line up here
if the cops watch no you're not pigs
but the profilin's hog wash
as i continue to drive slow five-0 (bye)
hi habesha girl with the fly clothes
it says shady when i call on your iphone
and i get the feeling that it's not a typo -
ooh blame it on the rain. a lot cats rap but don't know what they're saying
it's not just milli vanilli
city to city im diddy samplin scritti pollitti
until im dizzy shad kizzy - whattup

ahem ...
mozart just wrote
a whole chart
these flows open doors
call em crow bars
i gotta go hard
play for my fan base
slide off the lampshade
shine - thats the mandate
T's on the cut - i don't need a band aid
ian is ill - please excuse my bandmates
we just on a rampage
cant stay long
just a handshake
gone 'cross the landscape
thanks yall
plan a's good
girl you know it's true
haven't made a milli
but what you gonna do
man im trying to stay tasteful
and im grateful tho still
this is live from the underground
april o'neil on that cable show
real turntables both wheels and a fatal flow
ILL with the fader showin skills
Track Name: out here (cannonball)


real wild
just cant chill out
since a lil child basically till now
been a spaz since since simpson and millhouse been pals
since al and clinton
bills now paid
grown and i feel proud
i don't cry over milk getting spilled out
i don't play though when i play shows
i play those like its play dough and im paid dough
slay foes like doughboy when they hit ricky
still cant delegate - look how i get busy
im just a menace every single sentence
im sentencing currupt judges to the peneten
the white eminem, the black bob dylan
what more can i say? top billin
lately im feline like a star wars star -
part villain but bigger part hero in the end god willin'
im out here…

these days i walk the streets in a heat wave
feet ache and my skin tanner than dj
brain full bitties, bag full of beat tapes
heart full of hope, belly full of cheese steak
cheapskate: i would buy bk on ebay
anything for a free shake and a rebate
release date? please wait
promise when i give it tho it wont
be late or delayed
back to spittin flows
bugging out, given em another sound
one thats found underground
some say above the clouds
well i cant lie the man flyer than these standbyers
they just want that plane/plain - i'll take the handglider
i don't sell
never been a sanjaya idol
or a boy band made up of vampires
i just spit lava
these kids hand dryers, campfires
sm1 turn up the amp higher
tell em im out here
Track Name: it aint over.


thinking about my old hometown
growning up with folks showin us lovin that knows no bounds
but still im hey ya! single - dolo style
mom and dad keep sticking two together cuz we don't know how
nowadays it seems like love is fast to come and go, doesn't last
little bundles of joy cost big bundles of cash
and it's hard to buy in the city
im always flying, im busy
do i need smthg real? i kinda get by with midi
and by the by all these cities seem the same till ur home
and likewise, maybe ladies all seem the same till they're known
and you grow together and then grow attached
growin up is knowing that we all need each other and love requires no holding back
and no going backwards when ur back hurts
i know its strange hearin bout commitment from as bachelor thats overaged
with plenty of fish to capture and throw away
but lenny just wished he was back with bonet … so hey… i dunno…

i get so hard on myself, for all the mistakes that ive made
see if ive been given so much, don't let me throw it away (throw it!)
hail mary
kelly wants to go for the win
cant go the way of the buffalo bills
no, get a ring
and take knee don beebe
do you andre reed me?
thurman thomas players: i don't mean to coach, marv levy
all my girl non-girlfriends: monica to phoebe
still hoping love hasn't gone the way of the cd
yeah it's cheesy i know
i guess im talking to I
I still hear Isaac Hayes strings when shes walking on by
I've been heart broken before man Im not gonna lie
for a bit i quit hope and said im not gonna try
I said it's not gonna fly
they told me to spit smthg new
i said you cant force somethings
i will when i do
i said im not gonna cry
they told me to find sm1 new
i said you can't force somethings
i will when i do
Track Name: old Prince


... what a little rascal: cash crop
tommy jeans and some reebok black tops
mj jersey 45 black sox. thats hot.
holler at ur boy no caps lock
garage band like massive attack got
a whole lot kids trying to rap on a lap top
ill. just don't scheme for the jackpot
build. rep for your team like a mascot
sasquatch in the backdrop scream for slap shot
cup raised chi-town blackhawks
old Prince. crew keep it padlocked
step on stage rockin blouses and ascots
cats watch like the show was a cat walk
more like a NASA ship bout to blast off
shad rock. dope as a stash spot
of bath salts mass cult punch and some
crack rock


rocked stitches now stitches what i keep em in
wit like a needle pin spit with a evil grin
and a laugh like a haunted house rap like a black
modest mouse rocking out whilst on the couch
… and it feels pretty good
taking plaques back to my van city hood
but i move so much i don't know where my home is
sad im a homebody but im kinda homeless
show biz problems cant lose focus
throw this down go play like the old vince
old Prince savour faire and the intellect
please don't take this off the internet

Track Name: new Don


spittin images:
a couple couple double d's, two couples double dating, and a bacon double cheese
stuff i mustve seen many times on a billboard
how to make a rich man buy? make him feel poor
how to make a stick man cry? make him real or
just draw him eyes, let him see what he was built for
someone was bored and made us to fill space
on a big black board until the day we're erased
little black boy with a smile on his face
some chalk on his hands and some thoughts on face
maybe heaven is the height of the stakes
at the gates where they ask what you loved and how much time did you waste
and hate's the hell at the bottom of a waterless well
we scale down but get less in the pail
guess it's something like an addict's life or like a battered wife:
what we cling to can kill us but still it's hard to sacrifice
im over being over stuff - i care
i told this old soul to never settle for despair
i told this young heart that a rebel isn't rare
theres a few that keep the devil in their prayers.