Shad & DJ T​.​Lo - Take Flight

from by Shad & DJ T.LO

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After hitting the road promoting Shad's latest, Flying Colours, longtime touring partners, Shad and DJ T.Lo, hooked up to complete 'Boarding Pass.' The 5 song EP features seasoned Producer and Turntablist DJ T.Lo handling all duties on the boards with Shad exclusively on the mic. Together the pair expresses their shared passion for the music; flexing the skills they've been enthusiastically developing over nearly a decade of work together.

artwork by V



me and t back at it
leavin mics broke
playin thru the feedback static
write dope for the weed rap addicts
like smoke girls breath bad -
make they whole team asthmatic
(*gasp* i cant breathe!)
when they see shad - gaspin
dashin, too fly
i swear i should wear a ski mask rappin for em
front row at my knee caps grabbin
ungh - now u got me back braggin
like we need that swag
ok - i dont really like to
t's in the aisle seat
tryna get a sprite from the flight crew
meanwhile im workin on my night snooze
red-eye, my dudes steppin in flights like some nike shoes
on a different runway: red-dye nice suit
cuz t got them neck-tie tight loops
it's indecent how i adress
for the spring season
so fresh go get it on your itunes

and thats how we take flight

the glory days
who wouldve thought forming at laurier
would correlate to tourin in 6 countries
and 40 states
early mornings on board after performin late
in a foreign place
im still feelin the warm embrace
still got more to say
still clever with rhymes
never declinin
still gettin better with time - i would say like wine
but i never been whinin
like nevermind the weather, im shinnin
with the divine when we get in alignment
check the devilish smile
irreverent reverend, rebellious- minded
saint in the flesh
thats a blessing disguised
i can get it whenever, forever as diamonds
thats coal under-pressure, been a treasure to find
this flow, this soul, this heaven inside
this poet's goal is gettin ya high
im fly as seven wings
on another level than sky

and thats... thats how we take flight


from Boarding Pass EP, track released December 1, 2014




Shad Vancouver, British Columbia

Shad is a Juno Award winning rapper and 3-time Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominee from London, Ontario. His 4 full-length albums have been recognized for their sharp lyrics and soulful arrangements.

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