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Shad + Skratch Bastid
The Spring Up


life is like copy right:
gotta understand the laws
sample kenny rog
so you know when your
handed cards
from the hand of god
when you can and cant
scam the odds
camel jaw spittin
on some analog yahamas
random pause
slay like santa claus
landing cannonballs
on some poor rapper's
phantom car
and large bank withdrawals
kid with the flannel draws
and 5-panel on with
slang hotter
than panama
(scratch like a) panda's claw
standing tall: man in charge
telling my brethren
"yo! this land is yalls"
fan of flaws: thats why my band of brothers' band is raw
jamming songs in a crammed garage
on some amped guitars
till some fandom blog
puts us on to dance with stars:
tandem tango with marliyn manson
and some slammin broads…
and hows this for a tight end: shannon sharpe
beats straight kabangin'
the man flow demand applause

aiight yo
coach wants me in
time to do this thing
and lose the bling -
jewels wont fool em
they know who's the king
b, don't step unless
you got smthg
new to bring
i got 8 hits to my name
… still googling
money: mo money - no problem
but im chillin still
2nd illest villain
till doom unconceals his grill
prince like viv and phil's kin out from philadel
del and dilla freak
getting all that weak filler killed
f'real f'real...
feel the man passion
biggest in my field
on the field with pants saggin
built like cecil field
grand slam battin
out of left-field
on these reels
hear the hands clapping

Shad + Skratch Bastid
The Spring Up


from The Spring Up, released June 12, 2013
Mixed by Elijah Walsh




Shad Vancouver, British Columbia

Shad is a Juno Award winning rapper and 3-time Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominee from London, Ontario. His 4 full-length albums have been recognized for their sharp lyrics and soulful arrangements.

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