The Spring Up

by Shad + Skratch Bastid

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The Spring Up is the result of fortunate timing, grapefruit Perrier, a shared high school obsession with Outkast's Aquemeni, and a couple of sessions at Skratch Bastid's Toronto studio this April. The 5 track collection marks a moment in time for the pair; embodying the spirit of Spring and also serving as a sort of prelude to Shad's upcoming full-length, to which Skratch Bastid also contributes. The collection features a production assist from DJ Jazzy Jeff, and a turn on the mic from compatriot Cadence Weapon.


released June 12, 2013

Synth and Bass on Peace by I. W. K. Koiter.
Speech on Peace by Chris Hedges
Mixed by Elijah Walsh
Cover art by Gaurav Sawhney | Photo by Matthew Bokor

Shad appears c/o Black Box Music




Shad Vancouver, British Columbia

Shad is a Juno Award winning rapper and 3-time Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominee from London, Ontario. His 4 full-length albums have been recognized for their sharp lyrics and soulful arrangements.

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Track Name: Classic (Co-produced by Jazzy Jeff)
already classic
and it hasn't even
happened yet
Bolt on that 100m dash
with the fastest jets
stepped on the track
and i already lapped the best
thats the flex:
classic as a jazzy jeff
scratching set
me and bastid
we bout as
classic as classic gets
classic as a bob cousy
pass back
to havlicek
going back to cali-like
going back to snapping necks
going back to nazareth
classic - know that shad's a vet
going over heads
like you haven't had
your baggage checked
cats is vex - they just
matched the bet
but i stacked the deck
all good -
i take cash or cheque
spitting that
classic slang:
catchin wrecks
mad correct
scratch the rest…

not trying to preach a sermon
i just keep returning to these same proverbs
and wise words when i seek discernment
they find what i speak disturbin'
they say my rappin is country
they say that rap in my country
is like if keith was urban
looking street with the heater burning
i smirk and then keep concerning myself
real wealth and deeper learning
see fashion's just a flash in the pan
while classic stays classic
till it's fashion again
so id rather be the baddest with
a pad and a pen
then just hot for a minute
off some fad or a trend
the definition of classic's
shad with a gem
still bright when the lights of the
cameras are dim
in the lab
on a limb
and i been out a while
they just cool down
but i never down the dial
thoroughbred veteran
ahead by a thousand miles
being this good
that could never go
out of style
could it? classic..

Shad + Skratch Bastid
The Spring Up
Track Name: Outta My Head
i just gotta get
out of my head a bit
out of the negative
out of the pessimist
posture of doubt where
everythings relative
and everyone is my nemesis
i just gotta get…
out my bed again
get back in the game
tho i might never win
and the fight might never end
and nothing is forever
every day is heaven sent
and everything is better when im
out of my head
the second im stepping out
whenever i look at you
the second i left the house
the scent of the fresh air
the wind that carries us
the feeling that we'll get there...
(out of my head…)
thats when we
deal with
whats real
cant numb…
the pain to heal
one must feel
the hurt for a season
but it hurts for a reason
done dreaming
now im searching for meaning
out of my head
things are different

i just gotta get
out of my head a bit
out of the negative
out of the pessimist
posture of doubt where
everythings relative
and everyone is my nemesis
i just gotta get…
out my bed again
look out my window
see thru a better lens
look up to the sky
and look up to better men
the brethren are getting together
im getting out of my head
not everyone gets to live
death is definite
the rest isn't guaranteed
life is a gift we get to give
the world is desperate
for us
i cant let it get out of my head
i cant see truth
but i can see proof
the worlds not lost
whenever i see youth
believing in magic
i believe we have it
see that trick:- poof
im out of my head...
and im glad to be alive
glad to see the sky
the sun - i see it rise
the love i keep inside
it's why i need to rhyme
i need to breathe a sigh
and let it out…
(out of my head)
things are different...

Shad + Skratch Bastid
Outta My Head
The Spring Up
Track Name: Clappin
life is like copy right:
gotta understand the laws
sample kenny rog
so you know when your
handed cards
from the hand of god
when you can and cant
scam the odds
camel jaw spittin
on some analog yahamas
random pause
slay like santa claus
landing cannonballs
on some poor rapper's
phantom car
and large bank withdrawals
kid with the flannel draws
and 5-panel on with
slang hotter
than panama
(scratch like a) panda's claw
standing tall: man in charge
telling my brethren
"yo! this land is yalls"
fan of flaws: thats why my band of brothers' band is raw
jamming songs in a crammed garage
on some amped guitars
till some fandom blog
puts us on to dance with stars:
tandem tango with marliyn manson
and some slammin broads…
and hows this for a tight end: shannon sharpe
beats straight kabangin'
the man flow demand applause

aiight yo
coach wants me in
time to do this thing
and lose the bling -
jewels wont fool em
they know who's the king
b, don't step unless
you got smthg
new to bring
i got 8 hits to my name
… still googling
money: mo money - no problem
but im chillin still
2nd illest villain
till doom unconceals his grill
prince like viv and phil's kin out from philadel
del and dilla freak
getting all that weak filler killed
f'real f'real...
feel the man passion
biggest in my field
on the field with pants saggin
built like cecil field
grand slam battin
out of left-field
on these reels
hear the hands clapping

Shad + Skratch Bastid
The Spring Up
Track Name: Homie (featuring Cadence Weapon)
if you're city isn't on the map gotta make tracks
like leave and get love to take back
those that can do
those that cant shouldn't say jack
but i don't talk about haters
haters hate that - funny
im that dude based
mostly out a suitcase
arguing with airports
about toothpaste like
im not quoting the koran
with a vest on
who the hell's ever made
a bomb made of crest?!
armed to the teeth - funny
(you owe me 5.99, dog)
westjet said
let the head rest
recline on em
so im coolin out
flying home
thru some cyclones
over time zones
sky shining like a rhinestone
neil diamond mine
full of fine poems
yall gotta dig
when we dig
and then grind
these refined coals
call em gems
call up friends when i land
back in van
like, "dave
whats the
shplan, man?
lets get some sha lin…

Mad international, Shad in the passenger
Seat, on the beat, it’s a blast like Plaxico
Clasico, panoramic scope
Transatlantic, you could grab a boat, but I take a plane
Take pains with everything I wrote, make sure it’s sounding dope
Instagram photos, showing shows to the folks at home, and the span grows
Make rap flows, rent a van, go and pack clothes
Play some rap shows, get some cash then go back home
From British to the District, I spit a sentence
Be there in an instant for an instance, so witness
Here for a good time not a long time
With some good songs and it all rhymes, alright
Pent up in the confines of a ride
Just to bust out and share the confines of my mind, yeah
Dirt City, Real City, I rep
Hit me up if you need a sublet, oh yes

couple macbook bros
making hot songs
over hotmail
t dotcom
back to the future
kid with the faster computer brain
marry mcshad is the username
scratch - we can do the hang
hang like a dookie chain
master the craft
and laugh like it's pootie tang
lo city rep, flow gritty plus so pretty
shoulder shimmying in my videos like the old ditty
busy playing whitney at my neighbours crib
bring some whiskey they can sip and stay a bit
pray before i make a trip
labels wouldn't check for the kid, no babysit
no every stage is like home when im playing it
hotel check-outs
check out the passport
miles on the dashboard
that was just last tour
now im back and im sitting till my back's sore
back at the house
you can catch me on the back porch

Shad + Skratch Bastid
Homie (featuring Cadence Weapon)
The Spring Up
Track Name: Peace
v1 -
what if we cant
be this perfect, genius
thesis, dean's list
virgin, jesus
shirt and clean crisp
jeans fitted
and all straight from
the seamstress
seamless persons
we all fall to pieces
what if peace is
smthg more than
if power rules the world,
living peacefully is treason
defenceless defeating the legions of demons
peace isn't pleasing the ppl
it's a belief in people above profits
prophets that speak for peace
more often than not
reap their fair share of the beatings
it's not naive in the least
it's hard fought and
the deepest thought
and the peak of our reason
it's peace

v2 -
just another young lyricist
spittin that unserious
it's clear that conscious rap
is dead
we done hearing it
heads feeling that trap
cuz we trapped still
only the stats still rappin
bout how blacks kill black
cuz no one wanna hear those facts still
thats so 90's
thats sending a fax still
no paper in that reel/real
no paper in that mill
half mill plus locked up
who wanna listen to that?
all we want is peace
the poor and the rich
from the beaches to the streets
so we'd rather hear beats
than the sound of the beast
now these comics is prophets
see the clown as he weeps
crack jokes, crack eggs
for a feast
got us all scrambled:
gotta beat em just to eat
and it's not taught
which teaches to repeat
this strong strange cycle violence
now whats harder than peace
it's not naive in the least
it's hard fought
its the deepest thought
and the one thing we seek
it's not just talk
when we meet
when we greet
when we grieve
when we leave
the last word
we speak

chris hedges:
hope has a cost
hope is not comfortable or easy
hope requires personal risk
it is not about the right attitude or peace of mind
hope is action
hope is doing smthg
hope never makes sense
hope is weak, unorganized and absurd
hope which is always non-violent
exposes in it's powerlessness the lies, fraud, and coercion (of the state)
hope posits that ppl are drawn to the good by the good
this is the secret of hope's power
hope does not separate us from them
hope sees in our enemy our own face

Shad + Skratch Bastid
The Spring Up